Vision Statement: The Vision of Choices of Alabama is to empower individuals to become active in the decisions and choices that affect their physical, mental and spiritual health.

Mission Statement: Provide personalized behavioral health services to the community, in a positive and supportive environment utilizing current best practice standards.

Recovery Model:

At Choices of Alabama LLC, we believe the Recovery Model of treatment provides the foundation for a successful journey towards recovery. The following principles are the tenets of this method:

Hope - Having a vision that includes hopes and dreams and setting realistic goals to achieve those hopes and dreams.

Support - Realizing the value of drawing on support from friends, family, healthcare professionals and others in the recovery journey.

Personal Responsibility - Relying on oneself, with help from others, while working to control one's symptoms, and making choices that reflect one's goals and life priorities. Empower individuals to manage their own behavior.

Self-Advocacy - Expressing oneself with courage, determination, and persistence in a clear and calm manner in order to get one's needs met.

Education - Taking responsibility in learning about one's health, wellness, symptoms and treatment in order to make good decisions.

Spirituality - Finding a meaning and purpose in one's life based on one's own values and beliefs.

Through the use of these foundational principles, Choices of Alabama aims to provide care that:
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